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Where looking for:

  • - Finding in Czech Republic
  • - Finding in Czech Republic
  • - Finding in Czech or English something for Linux
  • Nosey Parker - Finding a software thorough Czech Universities (English)
  • - Finding in Czech Republic
  • - Finding in the world
  • Iteresteting links for me:

  • ConText - Very good programmers editor. Highlighters C,Pascal,Html and more, user templates, conect to compiler, conect to help (*.hlp), very fast and small. I recommend it.
  • Gimp - Graphics editor - distribution free by project GNU - (GNU General Public License (GPL)).
  • Gimp pro Windows - When you are confused here is Gimp for Win32(Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000)
  • GNU - Pages of project GNU.
  • GNU General Public License (GPL) - Licence for a software distribution like GNU.
  • RedHat - Distribution of LINUX RedHat in English.
  • SuSe - Distribution of LINUX SuSe.
  • CSE HTML Validator v2.01 - Software for writing or validate HTML documents.
  • Borland - Oficial pages of Borland.
  • Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 - When you are confused here is link exact to the compiler.
  • OpenGL - Oficial pages of graphics library - OpenGl in Silicon Graphics.
  • Trellian - Pages with good software for internet. Application for online shop or software for registering URLs on many and many servers in the world.
  • Evrsoft - 1st Page 2000 - Good softvare for make HTML pages and is accesible like free .
  • If some link is "death" please write me.

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